The Silent Paradise

Underground group of information gatherers, primarily bards whose primary goal is to uncover the secrets of those in power and either sell them to the highest bidder or allow them to run rampant in the general populous.

Lately they have been hearing whispers about Chancellor Ganth and a search for some sort of artifact, group of artifacts, or by some accounts, raw power that rumors to exist. Details on what this may be tend to be lost as slivers of information find their way back to the core of the Silent Paradise.

They are led by three individuals that are simply called The Harmony.

The Harmony

They weave themselves in and out of travelling carnivals, shows and other public events. The seem to be everywhere and nowhere at once. Those in the entertainment business may claim to have seen them “here or there”, but no details of their whereabouts or their visage can be produced. Simply put, if the Harmony have business with you, they will find you when it is convenient for them.

The Silent Paradise

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