The Blue Ribbon

The most heard of yet never completely discovered group of self proclaimed free traders and anti-establishment supporters. The Claws of Nidhogg’s Talon has gone to great lengths and spent a great deal of time and money in a pursuit to eradicate the existence of the Blue Ribbon. They have even gone as far as lobbying from within the Galinori Senate to force legislation that would allow them more authority on the removal of free traders from their waters and road ways, but it always seems that they have more friends in the Senate than even the Talon can buy.

No one is completely sure as to the motives behind the blue ribbon except that they will always reduce the stock of the most opulent and give much of the spoils to those that have the fewest.

“Simply put; the common folk love the fairy tale of the Blue Ribbon. It gives them hope and a distraction to look up to.”

Lately there has been an internal power struggle and shift in the methods that has caused a split in leadership and focus. An ideology of “we need more to do more” has been a large drive for many of the less prolific members and, in turn, are claiming more than their share.

The Blue Ribbon

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