Mankind has spread its knowledge of science and industry upon their corner of the world and is in a position to begin filling in its unexplored shadows. Many generations of war adversity have blossomed to an age of prosperity and tranquility, but the very shadows that Men had so log feared are now bringing a new found curiosity with every generation.

The Gods of this age have ruled for several millennia and are, quickly, seeing a close to their influence as Man’s thirst for knowledge threatens their very existence. With the ever waning power and security of the Pantheon, the chaos of the universe creeps and infects the core of Yggdrassil; the very essence that binds all things.

The realm of Midgard is rich in lore and legend and still begs to be explored by adventurers and the wills of its peoples. Few have returned from countless journeys to the world’s outer reaches and those that have, tell grand stories of lands beyond what any common folk could ever envision. Magics and Religion still hold a heavy hand in the lives of most, but are fast becoming second to the innovations that science and industry have to offer.

The Setting

Much of the current state of the world is still wild and untamed; more wild and untamed than any one with a relatively civilized upbringing ever realizes. Many things are happening in the shadows and corners of the world that few have the ability to imagine. Heroic Fantasy, Science Fiction, and all levels of story telling shape the universe and its denizens

  • Magic and Science are one and the same: Depending on your exposure to certain levels of society dictates how this is treated, but many of the worlds alchemists, wizards, inventors and pursuers of scholarly endeavors all consider magic and science to, fundamentally, be an interchangeable term. There is nothing that one or the other can not define, according to the perceptions of Men.
  • The Gods of Men: Humanity, as the most populous of known races in the world, has the benefit of having a Pantheon that is very involved with the affairs of its congregation. There are other “lesser” deities that exist and have managed to work their way into the hearts of the civilized world, but it is clear that the denizens of the realm of Asgard hold much favor over the peoples of Midgard.
  • The Wild Lands: Even on the most heavily populated continent by humans, there are still many wilds and wonders that have yet to be touched by hands of Men. Creatures and cultures of every shape and size roam many untamed areas of the world. The sparse and rocky terrain of Jotunheim are claimed by trolls, giants and other savage races, the destructive fires of Muspellheim are a haven for all sorts of terrible things, the frozen wastes of Nifelheim are a desolate and violent place, and even the great seas are home to some of the most ferocious beasts in the world.

Table of Contents

Enter the World

Harbingers of Ragnarok

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