Harbingers of Ragnarok

Temple Aftermath
Temple Depths
Where did this come from?

After a short rest, Old Man and Ted are on watch as the group rests. They suddenly hear a groaning noise in the distance. Old Man goes to investigate, only to discover louder groaning, and determines that it is coming from multiple sources behind a door.

He hurries back to the group to alert them. Sasha jumps up and turns herself invisible. She then runs off to investigate in stealth. Lord Prescott The Ghost goes through to door to scout out the groaning to discover 10 zombies, ghouls, and an undead master. The group battles the undead horde, until finally the master is beaten by Astrid with a MAX DAMAGE Guiding Light.

The group ventures further into the temple depths and comes across a room with a locked door. Lord Prescott The Ghost flies through the door to discover a gelatinous cube. Unable to open the door, the group moves on down the hall. They come across an immense room, surrounded by balconies overlooking a central altar. In the center of the circlular altar, Swara Finnedor, the temple matron at Carrunir’s Temple of Freya.

Swara is chanting in the center of a green dome, which is surrounding the altar. There are 4 skeletons surrounding and guarding the green dome. The group moves in and tries multiple times to infiltrate the green dome, to stop Swara from finishing her spell. Unfortunately, the dome is impenetrable. After the gang takes out 2 of the 4 skeletons, Swara is able to complete her summoning. Suddenly, a large zombie dragon appears near them. Within a few minutes, the dragon spews acid from its mouth, injuring several members of the group.

After a long and brutal battle, Swara approaches the dragon for unknown reasons. The dragon is not amused by this and slaughters Swara. This distraction allows Ted to finally slay the zombie dragon. After trying to decipher the text on both Swara’s body and around the altar, the group finds a puzzle ball. What will come when they solve the puzzle ball? Find out next time!

Underground Ruins
An interesting place

Making their way through the puzzles and riddles of this area and the group gets wrapped up with a couple of rugs, a pesky grey ooze, a couple of phase spiders and a cavernous bridge.

Under Investigation
Escape to the underground

The group is held up under guard waiting for the the local Arbiters at Carrunir to investigate the botched train heist.

After a bit of shenanigans they are escorted by the Arbiter Militia to the The Warriors Rest tavern where they are instructed to follow the underground ruins to a secret escape behind the temple cliffs.

New Faces and a Train...
Choo Choo

We now add a stoic Warforged, a young Cleric of Freya and their ghastly charge to the mix. Upon setting forth on a train to the southern edges of the Republic, they take pause in fighting off a group of bandits.

Pharos at Mirestone

Ang, Jenkem and Bourbon take on Daelin at the light house.

Sneaking Mission

Stuff happens and Celestine Cavanaugh has some words.

Parable of the 8 Queens


The group makes their way through a dungeon with a unique chessboard-like trap. They discover a terrifying mask that strikes fear into the heart of even the bravest warrior.

Post-Temple Adventure

After escaping from the temple by jumping from a high ledge into some rocky waters, the group makes its way to their next adventure.

Inside the Temple
HELP! There's been a murder!!

The group has to find a way to enter the Temple of Freya using acolyte robes to disguise themselves. They make their way through the temple to the burial chambers, where they search for clues.

The group has to solve several riddles and watch out for traps and Freya acolytes in order to solve this puzzle.


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